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Company Name: Huacheng Bo Yuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

Contact: Wang Haibin

Mobile: 13381205300

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? Address: Lianying Industrial Development Zone, Longwan Town, Shunyi District, Beijing

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?Huacheng Bo Yuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise which integrates design, processing and installation of steel structure. The company is headquartered in Beijing Xuanwu District, Kwun Kwong SOGO office building Block A 13A, Beijing Branch is located in Beijing's Shunyi District Longwan Township Zhuang home Industrial Development Zone, the company occupies more than 100 acres.

? ? Huacheng Bo far Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. total assets of 200 million yuan, and has more than 300 employees, including 12 senior engineers, 16 professional designers, economic management division 6, 18 engineers, 26 assistant engineers, production Management staff of 19, engineering and workshop professional and technical personnel more than 200.

皇冠现金网hg6699? ? ?The company has four CNC steel structure automatic assembly line, steel production capacity of 30,000 tons. Steel plate cutting using CNC CNC flame cutting machine, CNC system for domestic and foreign advanced technology, the establishment of the process of automatic integration of the completion of the main use of the United States Lincoln welder, the bead for the Japanese licensing Panasonic carbon dioxide welding and hand arc Welding, production of raw materials completely selected domestic famous steel production of high quality steel, assembly accuracy fully meet the national "steel structure construction and acceptance criteria" GBJ50205-2001 requirements; welding process assessment in line with "construction steel welding procedures" GBJ81-2002 Regulations; weld appearance size in full compliance with the "steel structure weld size" GB10854-89 requirements; testing weld completely "steel welding manual ultrasonic testing methods and testing results grading" GB11345-89 requirements; pressure plate Production system has more than 20 varieties, 28 production lines, the use of computer automatic control system, the annual production capacity of 2 million square meters. Insulation board series of two varieties, (EPS) polystyrene foam insulation board production line 2, the annual production capacity of 1 million square meters. Yanmian insulation board production line 2, the annual production capacity of 850,000 square meters.

? ? ? Huacheng Bo far Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. always adhere to the "people-oriented, quality to survive, to create a customer service," business philosophy, more than 10 years contract a large scale, complex process, affecting the major construction projects. For example: the State Sports General Administration Shooting Training Center 11,000 square meters, Beijing Shunyi modern car factory production workshop 18,000 square meters, Evergreen Building Engineering steel processing 1860 tons, Gezhouba engineering steel processing 1676 tons, 10800 square meters, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy 35,000 square meters of packaging plant plant project, Langfang 13000 square meters of the new national green environmental park project, Inner Mongolia Aerospace Wanyuan New Energy Development Co., Ltd. Wind turbine development and construction projects 15,300 square meters, Beijing Hyundai Motor three Factory car stamping workshop 24,200 square meters, Beijing rail transit map 14 # line steel structure engineering.

? ? ?We know that customers are concerned about the quality, duration and price, we will adhering to the "care for the staff, integrity for the customer" spirit of enterprise, with its strong engineering design, manufacturing, project management and good quality assurance to continue to New and old customers to provide a full range of services, to maximize the needs of customers to meet.